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The Bell and Ross watch brand was founded in 1992, and it managed to become a very well regarded watch company in a short amount of time.  The watches were inspired by the shape of the instruments in the cockpit of an airplane.

The company was created by Swiss designer Bruno Belamich and businessman Carlos A. Rosillo, together with German watchmaker Helmut Sinn. This team set out to create wristwatches for men that would meet four main principles: top of the line water resistance, a very highly accurate Swiss mechanical movements (such as the ETA Valjoux), clear visual indicators (similar to the ones on an airplanes instrument panel), and tailored functions for specific uses.  These watches were created with professionals such as pilots, marine biologists, ship repairers, fisherman, and scuba divers in mind.

The watches are highly accurate, and use detailed visual indicators that offer a clear view of the time. All these features resulted, in 1993, on Bell and Ross being selected by many European Air Forces as their watch manufacturer.

The company then expanded into submarine watches with the Hydromax watch.  It is considered as the best watch in the world for underwater works.  It offers a record breaking water resistance to 11,000 meters.

Later, in the year 1994, the brand introduces the Bell and Ross Space 1; an automatic chronometer designed to be worn in space by Reinhart Furrer, the German astronaut.

From 1995 and until 2000, Bell and Ross continued to manufacture award winning watches considered as the world’s best.

In 2001, Bell and Ross presented a multifunction stainless steel watch that was a combination of modern and classic, and included functions such as a chronograph and a chronometer.  This particular watch combines an analog movement with a digital function.

In 2002, Belamich y Rosillo teamed up with Vicente Calabrese, a master Swiss watchmaker, for the Bell and Ross Vintage 123 Heure Sautante watch.  A platinum men’s watch made with a vintage style and water resistant to 100 meters.

In 2005, they introduced the BR01, which displays the time using unusual radar records.

The Bell and Ross watches must comply with some specifications.  First, the designers will decide the shape of the watch, as well as the materials and colors.  Then engineers design a plan to create a concept watch using the aerospace research software called CATIA.

The watch is finally hand assembled and adjusted by a master watchmaker.

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