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Together with the artistic style of the Mediterranean Riviera as inspiration, Bertolucci offers the best Swiss accuracy. These watches feature creative designs and wonderful materials that really project a classy personality.  The brand is recognized for the production of stainless steel watches for men and diamond watches for women.

The company was founded by Remo Bertolucci, an engineer in micromechanics and an eager watch fanatic.  In 1965, Bertolucci met Pierrete Michelotti.  She was a pretty Swiss girl on vacation with her family in Italy. Pierrete’s family owned a watch company called Mimo back in Bienne, Switzerland, which created mechanical watches.

Pierrete convinced Remo to go to Switzerland with her, and Remo spent 30 years working with Mimo.  He then decided it was time to create his own factory and, in 1987, founded Bertolucci SA, in Neuchatel, Switzerland.  Bertolucci’s pieces embody his brand’s four “C’s”: Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction.

Bertolucci’s watches were immediately welcomed by everyone.  The union of the two cultures offered meaning and substance to the brand: Italian Creativity & Inspiration with Swiss Savoir-faire and Craftsmanship.

The first collection he produced, Pulchra, was based on the spotless beaches found in Italy.  The watches were made in 18-karat gold with white dials and Roman numerals and hands in gold, and also had quartz movements and perpetual calendars.

His best watches were produced in the 1980s and 1990s.  As his popularity increased, his sales also increased.  He produced gold watches with diamonds for women and stainless steel watches for sportsmen and businessmen.

The Vir collection was introduced in 1994.  These were stainless steel watches with a perpetual calendar, a white dial and Arabic numerals in silver. His watches were durable, and dependable.
In 1999, Remo Bertolucci suffers a terrible cycling accident, and this forced the family to sell the company.  By 2005, the management of the company was in the hands of The Dickinson Group as Remo Bertolucci fell into a coma and had a difficult recovery.

Dickinson’s head was Phillippe Balais, and he gladly acknowledged that the Bertolucci watches had to stay in business.  During this first decade, some of the Bertolucci collections were the Diver, the Ouomo, the Poeme, the Fascino, among others.


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