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The watches from the French brand Boucheron are a true works of art that historically date back to 1858, when Frederic Boucheron, a 28-year-old jeweler opened his first boutique at Place Vendome, which became an icon in the world of “Haute Joaileri”. The brand became famous for its luxurious jewelry creations that use high quality products to create incomparable and refined watches, always in harmony with nature.

The boutique was opened in 1893, a favorable decision as he chose a velvet decor adorned with crystals, which caught the attention of those who visited the Place Vendome. Local number 26 played host to Boucheron’s magical creations, where he would offer jewels with images of animals, flowers and, as an iconic symbol, serpents.

His pieces were so refined that they captivated prestigious clients such as writers Marcel Proust and Oscar Wilde, the British Royal Family, the actresses Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich, and the Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and Astor American dynasties.  Frederic Boucheron became a recognized luxury jeweler who did not hesitate to design the most different yet flamboyant pieces, setting the tone in this competitive market.

In the year 1898, Boucheron opened his first store in Russia, specifically in the city of Moscow, where he died four years later.  His son Louis took over the company until his death in 1959. It is then that Louis’ two sons, Fred and Gerard, take control of the company, expanding the business in 1973 into Asia with the opening of their first boutique located in Tokyo.

In order to offer customers a wide range of innovative products, Boucheron decides to enter the world of perfumes and launches its newborn fragrance, which was named Boucheron.  It was created for women and inspired by elegance, luxury and French class. This fragrance was a milestone since the bottles were adorned with pearls, precious metals and diamonds, and were also combined with sophisticated watch creations.

In the following years the Boucheron Poir Homme watch was created, with a classic rectangular style and a blue sapphire bracelet.

150 years of history identify this company, which is dedicated to creating prestigious jewelry, art objects and authentic luxury watches using precious stones, gold, platinum and steel, all combined with passion and aiming to offer products that exceed the customers’ expectations, who claim that these jewels are synonymous with wealth and excitement.

With a French spirit and a Swiss soul, Boucheron is recognized for its incredibly delicate lines, its balance in proportions and its perfect workmanship. The brand created the first jewelry bracelet with interchangeable invisible clasp.

It is important to note that in year 2000 the Gucci Group bought Boucheron’s traditional jewelry and, under the charge of the PPR Group, it has opened stores in Tokyo, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Also, in 2008 Boucheron renewed its brand through the Internet, to celebrate 150 years of experience and publicize its more than 1,500 products, including watches, jewelry and perfumes, making it easy for customers to not only find the pieces in the stores but also in the portal.

The Boucheron headquarters are still in Paris, France, but the brand is also present in 40 countries with a total of 38 stores and 450 employees. Its current president is Jean Christophe Bedos, who has ensured that the firm is recognized for its innovation, refinement and luxury.

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