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Bovet Dimier Recital 0 Watch

Bovet’s Dimier Recital 0 Watch deserves the attention it receives. This wristwatch is truly a piece of wearable mechanical art. It’s made for people who want a luxury that looks as expensive as it was. If you’re a collector who is tired of people overlooking your pieces and not understanding the true value of them consider the Recital 0.

The first thing you will notice about this wristwatch is the face, or lack of. The inner complications of this watch can be seen by the front and back of the face casing. The dial and movement is fully skeletonized in an exquisite way. You’re not simply looking at the inside of a watch turning. You are looking at the inside of a watch that has been carefully colored and placed to create the embodiment of luxury. The color scheme is gray, gold and silver; a classic and timeless trio that catch the eye. The hours are engraved on the inner casing of the watch and the dials are a striking gold with white embellishment that lights up in the dark. The emphasis of the Recital 0 is placed on the time and tourbillion. A small power reserve indicator reminds you to wind your watch. A full power reserve of up to seven days is packed into this wristwatch.

The Bovet 1822 logo replaces the 12 hour marker. You also will notice that the tourbillion is clearly visible as if it is presented as the main feature of this watch. This truly is a show off watch that has plenty of options. You can choose between an 18K red-gold case or one that is exquisitely decorated with an inner bezel ring made entirely of diamonds. There are also different sizing options. A black, texturized alligator strap tops off the look of this piece.

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