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Bremont Victory Watch

Bremont’s new watch isn’t just named after the famous warship, Victory. The Bremont Victory watch actually contains metal and wood from the ship. This chronograph has some serious historical significance for collectors. When you first examine the Victory watch you probably won’t notice anything out of the ordinary about it.

When you turn the watch sideways you will notice the word Victory engraved in a nautical style. Copper was actually used to engrave the name in the PVD inner case. The engraving shows through to the outer casing which is an interesting tidbit about this time piece.  The copper used was also taken from the Victory ship. You may be worried that a watch company is tearing up a historical ship. Don’t worry; Bremont was given permission to harvest certain unnecessary pieces of the ship during its repairs.

The back of this timepiece is exquisite. Chrome and gold accenting contrast each other with an oak ring taken from the ship. Hand etched sapphire adds to the luxury of this piece as well as a rather intricate rotor. This watch has so much vintage charm. You can actually see the rotor through the sapphire casing on the back of the watch. The dial is antique inspired. Black leather straps provide comfort to the wearer and ensure a perfect fit.

The Victory is substantial in size measuring in at 43 mm diameter for the casing and 17 mm thick. This time piece was made to stand out which it does with ease. Owners of this fine watch can take pride in the history behind the piece. The Victory was Lord Nelson’s flagship during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and has been dry-docked in Portsmouth since 1922. Bremont shows their respect to this historic ship by giving portions of its profits to the National Museum of the Royal Navy to continue preservation work on the Victory. Collectors will be delighted to own a piece of history with Bremont’s Victory watch.

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