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Eric Clapton is Selling His Rare Patek Philippe

Eric Clapton, the rock legend is selling an ultra-rare wristwatch from his private collection. The watch is none other than the platinum-cased Patek Philippe (reference 2499/100P) Perpetual Calendar Chronograph.  This watch is one of only two ever made by Patek Philippe in platinum.  As if that didn’t make appealing, only two, including this one, have ever been made. The other Patek Philippe 2499 is sitting cozily in the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva. This watch has an estimate value of almost 5 million dollars.

Eric Clapton has been collecting watches for many years. It’s surprising that Patek Philippe even allowed a private party to purchase the 2499. Why is this watch so spectacular? Besides the fact that it’s coated in platinum there’s quite a history to this chronograph watch. It began in 1951 when Patek Philippe launched production of the 2499 model. During its 35 years of being refined and perfected only 359 models were ever made. Needless to say the 2499 has the highest level of watchmaking behind it as well as the perfect combination of style, function, and quality. It is also completely proportionate in all aspects.

The watch will be auctioned in Geneva at the Four Seasons Hotel. An estimated $16 million is expected to be raised from the auction. Two other legendary Patek Philippe models will also be sold although the spotlight will truly be on the 2499 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph.

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