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Grieb & Benzinger Blue Whirlwind – Watch Making At Its Best

Grieb & Benzinger has been creating some unique watches over the past many years. Those of you with an eye for stylish watches are definitely going to love the amazing creations from the firm. The latest creation from their house is a nice creation and is going to be loved by the watch maker’s fans.

Grieb & Benzinger Blue Whirlwind is powered by the Patek Philippe Caliber RTO 27 PS movement and is the result of more than a year of continuous design and innovation. The movement used for Blue Whirlwind features a tourbillion and a minute repeater and was painstakingly redone to ensure the creation of a high quality product.

Through innovative processes, the watch maker found a way to make the tourbillion visible. They replaced the gold drive wheel existed in the original version with a transparent wheel. This is visible through the case back. There are no other watch makers who are able to replicate this feat on a Patek Philippe movement. Once you get to know the new model, then you will know what you were missing all these years.

Typically, Grieb & Benzinger applies their trademark blue platinum treatment on the base plate to provide a nice shade of color to the dial. They have used the same procedure on this watch model as well. The resultant dial is something that you must see to understand its finesse. At the same time, the case back of the watch is even better than the dial. In fact, if you end up looking at the watch case back more than its dial, that is quite understandable. Such is the quality of the craftsmanship and finish given to the watch. Materials like rhodium and rose gold are applied on the gear wheels, guilloche bridges and cocks to provide stunning perfection to the watch.

The finish given to the 43mm case, made with solid platinum, is the best in the industry. The dial has a Breguet frosted finish that you are unlikely to see anywhere else. They used the classic method that they have perfected over the years to accomplish the amazing results. This dream watch is listed at $ 850,000 and will be pretty hard for you to locate. Most probably, it is likely to be sold already, and finding a replacement is next to impossible.

The hand crafted nature of the watch is making it hard for industrial scale mass production. As the Blue Whirlwind is using traditional watchmaking techniques, it is not easy to be made in a mechanized shop. In the current times, you will find it quite hard to locate any other product that is still made in this old fashioned way. Grieb and Benzinger is probably the only watch maker taking the effort to create such classic watches, and are again able to provide us with a great watch.

You can learn more about Grieb & Benzinger by visiting their official website.

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