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Did you ever fancy what an Apple watch would look like? Obviously, the name would be iWatch! And you must be thinking about a design with characteristics of iPhone, iPad and iPod combined. Of course, it has to have a digital display with the ability to change the display and its features with proper programming or the use of apps. Maybe Steve Jobs had something like that in his mind; but, he is gone before it became a reality. Now, you can find a watch that can come close to what you can expect from the Apple bandwagon. It is a HD3 Slyde.

HD3 is the brand name for the watches from the watchmaker Jorg Hysek and is currently managed by his son Jorg Hysek Jr. The firm was involved in the design of this watch model for a couple of years and then they released it for the global market. It looks like they got inspired by the very first models of iPod nanos that hit the market. They definitely saw joggers wearing these gadgets on their arms like a watch. Again, this particular iPod did have a clock dial face that was used by many people to convert it in to a watch and worn on their wrists. HD3 came out with their stylish product a year back in September 2011 and called it simply Slyde!

This watch is a stylish Swiss model with a touch screen. It has LCD and OLED versions available. Slyde features a curved sapphire crystal. It is big watch and has a certain element of machismo associated with it. Of course, it is not a humongous watch that will look out of place on your wrist.

The available versions of Slyde are in titanium, PVD and gold. There are a few variations in each of these models based on the level of finish associated with them. You can choose from the available strap choices of leather and rubber. HD3 Slyde is a modern watch design with Swiss aesthetics and finish that is unlikely to be easily replicated by the Chinese. Of course, they will replicate it; but, they will never look the same or anywhere close to the original. The model is water resistant up to 30 meters of water. It features HD3 on the front and Slyde on its back.

Just like the most famous creations from Steve Jobs and Apple, the Slyde do not have any buttons. It does have three indicators to denote the battery charge and a sensor to gauge the level of light in the surroundings. The watch will adjust its display’s brightness based on the surroundings.

As is the case with iPods and iPhones, the Slyde is also controlled by taps or slides on its touchscreen. In fact, this is the reason for HD3 choosing this peculiar name for the model. According to the firm, the model will have the battery power to last a week, provided you use it around 30 times a day each. In case there is any hardware upgrade in the future, you can send it to the parent company and get it upgraded.

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