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Hublot King Power 305 Unleashed in Miami

Hublot is definitely coming out with new watch models at frequent intervals. They are always on the news for the variations they create on their luxury watches. King Power series of watches are a prominent base point for the growth aspirations of this company. The latest timepiece from this series is named after the telephone area code of the party city, Miami, ‘305’. As such, they had to launch the watch in the same city. That is exactly what they did on 26th September.

When it comes to the watches from this watch maker, most people expect them to be collector’s edition watches in produced in very limited numbers. They did not disappoint them and is releasing only 50 watches. They are sticking to the well-established material of their past watches, King Gold, which is a combination of 18 carat gold and 5% platinum to provide the stylish reddish tint associated with their watches. You can really see the glow of the color on these watches with a 48mm case. It helps the watch to stand on its own legs. The 257 pieces of the chronograph helps the self-winding watch skeleton to display the time in an accurate manner. It can run continuously for 42 hours. The sapphire crystal of the watch is scratch proof and can protect it from water penetration up to 10 ATM.

The most salient feature of this watch is design aesthetics followed. This is going to be the numero uno selling point of this stylish watch. It has all the warmth of a Sunny Florida summer encapsulated in it. The combination of white and blue shades used on the watch gel perfectly with the summer theme. You will feel the amazing beaches of South Florida in the design. The complexity and finesse of the watch’s working parts can be seen through the transparent section of the dial. Its hands are visible even in dimly lit surroundings due to the use of blue SuperLuminova and gold plating done on them.

Hublot has been using their H-shaped titanium screws on their King Power line of watches for some time now. Six of these unique screws are visible on the bezel. In addition to this extravagance on the case, the case back is designed with a lot of thought too. Here, you can see the famous area code of the party city, Miami, as well as an artistic image of the city’s downtown area.

The overall summer theme of the watch is incorporated in to the design of the strap as well. The stylish strap is made using blue crocodile leather as well as white rubber. Use of white stitching helps to enhance the prominence of white shades in the watch. The buckle made with PVD titanium, decorative plate and the satin-finished cap are the other noticeable features of the strap. Hublot has been a pioneer in creating such fine watches for long, and have done justice to their name in this watch as well.

Some of you may think that this model is too much for you. If so, you have some real surprise in store for you. They do have a limited edition collection of only 10 watches of this model made with 374 white diamonds of 2.05 carats each. Those must be the ultimate in luxury you can ever think of! If you are on a budget and are more interested in the working of the watch, then this may not be for you. But, there are others who value the styling and design aspects of the watch they wear on their wrists more.

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