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Hurricane Sandy in New York City

Hurricane Sandy has become the main story on the news the past few days . Everyone is surely talking about this massive tropical storm and preparing for the worst. Hurricane Sandy is currently affecting North Carolina, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York. Sandy is also affecting surf conditions from Florida coast to New England. The hurricane has been terrorizing New York City specifically for quite some time now.

With winds up to 90 mph, rainfall up to six inches, and flooding it’s no wonder people are panicking. Some areas have been asked to evacuate; mainly areas along the coast line. If you live in New York City you should prepare to have an emergency kit on hand at all times. New York City has reportedly been shut down due to the hurricane. Streets are empty for the most part besides emergency workers and onlookers checking out the hurricane’s damage. A harbor near Brooklyn has over flooded due to the extreme rainfall and has caused an evacuation of several local residents. At this point water has occasionally rippled over causing some flooding but many residents don’t believe it to be evacuation worthy.

Hurricane Sandy’s full impact is believed to kick in on October 29. Random electrical blackouts have been occurring because of the storm. A crane in Manhattan has toppled over due to the high winds and residents were warned about the situation. Tunnels have also been closed down due to potential flooding. Over 70 emergency shelters have been setup through the city. Officials are urging people to consider the worst possible scenario because many residents don’t believe it will get worse. Professionals have stated that Hurricane Sandy will surely get worse. President Obama has urged residents to listen to their state and local officials about Hurricane Sandy.

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