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Jay-Z’s Birthday Bling

Rapper and producer Jay Z got quite an awesome gift this year from his beautiful wife Beyonce. It’s a $5 million Hublot Big Bang watch. Clearly, the couple have excellent taste.

Why such an expensive watch? Money isn’t that big of a problem when you are Beyonce, but beyond that, the watch is unique and has some incredible innovations in design. The movement inside, the HUB 1100, is an in-house self-winding movement with a power reserve of a little more than 40 hours.

The really interesting thing in this case is the rest of the watch. It’s so crusted in diamonds that your first instinct is to assume those are something else. Those are all diamonds, though, well over a thousand of them. Not only that, but the way Hublot went about creating this design was very unique. Instead of getting a few diamonds and using a design to incorporate them, they designed the watch and then searched for diamonds that could be cut to fit into the plan.

At first, this might not sound like such a great feat, but it really is much more difficult than it sounds. Diamond is the hardest substance on earth, and to cut and set this many of them takes more than a year of hard work by master craftsman. The end result is well worth it, however. The watch is simply stunning, exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to see sparkling on the wrist of a rap star like Jay Z.

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