Luxury at an Extreme Level!

luxury watch

You get to see luxury goods and services in many situations of your life. Sometimes, the level of luxury can be beyond your understanding and liking. In such cases, the amount of bling on these products can be way too much for your liking. In case of services, the pampering can be way overboard for your tastes. Let us check out some such items that can be considered obscenely luxurious.

Harry Winston Opus Eleven watch

A couple of years back, Harry Winston introduced their prestige watches named Opus Eleven. The key element of the luxury watch is the use of an extremely complex mechanism that deconstructs time and reconstructs it back at the turn of every hour. The owner can see the time at the turn of every hour only. Then, the hour will split in to multiple parts and move around until it becomes the next hour after 60 minutes. The prestige watches from Harry Winston use multiple gears and cylinders to accomplish this result.

Why do you consider this watch design an extreme one? The creation of complex prestige watches has their significance in horology. But, it does not matter much for a 21st century youngster who uses his or her cell phone to know time. The current crop of people does not give much importance to watches. The price tag of the model that ranges between $220,000 and $300,000 is definitely at a very high range. In such a scenario, prestige watches that show the hour only once every hour is really obscenely overpriced.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose – World’s most expensive phone

Stuart Hughes came out with this designer iPhone featuring 553 top of the line diamonds along with a huge pink diamond solitaire in it. He is known for the wacky creations that can easily surpass even the prestige watches that we discussed above. He created just two of these iPhones and sold them for a whopping $8 million apiece! This iPhone can definitely vie for the world’s most expensive phone tag. Rose gold and platinum used in the iPhone adds to its luster.

iPad 2 Gold History Edition – World’s most expensive iPad

Again, Stuart Hughes is the culprit behind this diamond studded product. It has parts of a dinosaur bone incorporated in to its structure! In addition to this, the amount of 24 carat gold used in the iPad and the large number of diamonds increase the 4.4 pound iPad’s price to $8 million.

Coffin with golden cell phone inside

If you really want to make a final phone call from your grave, this would be an ideal choice. People who love to play pranks on their family members and friends can use this as a great opportunity to call them up and scare the hell out of them even after your death. As you do not like to use regular phones, they provide you with a phone made of gold. Thus, you get to make your final phone calls in style. In case you fear of getting buried alive, this would be great opportunity to call 911 after the mourners leave the cemetery.

This coffin was auctioned off for a whopping $381,000. So, those who want to get it have to outbid the person who bought it, or purchase it from him or her by offering a deal that he or she cannot refuse.

Electrolux Swarovski crystal vacuum cleaner – Most expensive vacuum cleaner

The 3730 Swarovski crystals encrusted on to this high end vacuum cleaner ensures its high price. But, it does not ensure a dust free floor! This official Guinness world record holding vacuum cleaner is the most expensive vacuum cleaner and is pegged at $23,000.