Luxury Watches Rush in Singapore: The Panerai Watch Exhibition

Panerai luxury watches

Panerai has always been a distinguished luxury watch brand going far ahead of the contemporary technologies in design of luxury watches and presentation of various modern technologies. However, its new exhibition in Singapore, the frontline of innovations and developments, is a real must-visit for all fans and experts of prestige watches and those adoring traditional and modern horology. The name of the exhibition is ‘The Face of Time”, which means that Panerai is looking for new approaches to presenting time, and is constantly changing the face of time to which the majority of people got used within centuries of luxury watches’ production. However, there is a more down-to-earth explanation to the title as well – “Face of time” is the name of Panerai’s famous watch dial the design of which has remained unchanged since 1936, symbolizing the ever-lasting quality and popularity of the brand.

panerai watch

The “face of time” Panerai dial is present in all Panerai luxury watches, though some product lines have featured it with minor alterations. However, the core, iconic collections of Panerai such as Radiomir and Luminor obviously retain commitment to the classical, traditional look of the dial. Thus, the organizers of the Panerai exhibition have enabled all people interested in the watchmaking art to explore varieties of Panerai products, starting from the pioneering creations of 1860 and ending with the recent Panerai 2014 novelties.

However, the presence of Panerai luxury watch models is not the only attraction that the “Face of Time” exhibition was offering. During the exhibition, Panerai watchmakers gave several live demonstrations of the watchmaking process, so that all interested horology fans and experts managed to see with their own eyes the magic process of creating luxury watches. This was an indeed exclusive chance for laypersons to touch the magic of watch creation, as very few luxury watch brands worldwide conduct such workshops, since they prefer to leave the process of manufacture as a complete mystery for buyers and collectors. The visitors of such exclusive master classes could also have a talk with matchmaking specialists, and could ask questions that had been troubling them for a long time about mysteries and wonder of the watchmaking manufacture.

A special highlight of the exhibition was the display of the ceramic Luminor case, which is also a rare and exquisite sample of the Panerai product line. However, the exhibition obviously did not feature the whole range of wonders Panerai has for its dedicated customers – the exhibits included only a selected set of Panerai luxury watches, inspiring the visitors to walk a couple of meters along the street and visit the Panerai boutique located nearby. The Panerai “Face of Time” exhibition takes place in the ION Orchard Atrium, Singapore, and closes today, on July 1. A series of private events for collectors, investors, and experts took place within the exhibition on June 26-27, attracting even more interest to the venue and creating a specific, mysterious atmosphere around this extraordinary event in the Panerai history.