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Milus is a Swiss watch company that creates stunning luxury wristwatches for men and women. It was founded by Paul William Junod in Bienne, Switzerland in 1919. Milus believes that in order to truly appreciate and tell time you must have an exceptional time piece. Milus values creating time pieces in an artistic way while encompassing the quality that is demanded of Swiss watches.

Milus is a company that managed to stay in the Milus family until recently. Their values and beliefs haven’t changed luckily. Their men’s TriRetrograde wristwatches have been extremely successful are among the most popular models they offer. Their Masterpiece collection is probably the most popular, valuable, and collectible watches they offer. They feature unique designs and incredible artwork in enamel on the dial. The Herios TriRetrograde features scenes from the Kama sutra in 18K white gold. It is limited to only 18 pieces. In fact, all of the Masterpiece Collections are created in very limited quantities.

Milus is a fine Swiss luxury brand with a rich heritage and deep roots in horology. If you want something far from the norm of wristwatches with Swiss quality, this is the perfect brand for you. This is a luxury brand with high range prices starting around $10,000. Many of their models are a collector’s dream complete with impeccable design, style, and functions.

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