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Peter Speake-Marin Spirit Mark 2 Watch

When it comes to jewelry to adorn yourself, you must be always looking for something really unique. Wearing jewelry items worn by every second or third person that you know is never an exciting prospect. As luxury watches are part of a person’s jewelry collection too, it is really important to own unique pieces of watches. Just any other watch found on your friends and neighbors wrist won’t be sufficient to satisfy you.

Peter Speake-Marin Spirit Mark 2 Watch can be the watch you have been looking for. This new addition to the proud ensemble from the famous watch maker is certainly worth checking out. In fact, if you purchase this model, you are unlikely to ever see it on any other wrist.

What exactly is new in the Spirit Mark 2 watch? The luxury watch maker has created a new look watch based on their already popular model Spirit Pioneer. They have not just brought the old model back again in to the market. Speake-Marin has enhanced the features of this watch significantly. The watch movement powering the model, the case, the dial etc. are definitely going to improve the watch makers DNA for the better.

The Piccadilly three piece case used for the watch is the signature of the watch maker. At 42 mm diameter and 12 mm thickness, the watch is a perfect fit on your wrists. The stylish watch with its macho lugs and the thoughtful design is a proud accomplishment on the watch maker’s part. The sapphire crystal with antireflective coating is quite easy on your eyes. The watch movement that is powering the Spirit Mark 2 is a TT738 automatic one. It provides continuous power for 120 hours with the help of its dual barrels. Traditionally, you would expect to see the watch movement in action through its transparent case back. But this is not the case here. The Spirit Mark 2 has a solid case back with their logo and motto “fight, love and persevere” etched prominently.

The solid case back of the watch can be a deal breaker for many luxury watch collectors. They are used to see these watches in action through their transparent case backs. If a new watch arrives in to the scene all of a sudden, they may not accept the change.

The maximum retail price for Peter Speake-Marin Spirit Mark 2 Watch in US is $ 9980. When you wear this watch and go out in to the crowd, you are certainly going to stand apart from the rest of the group. Just like its famous predecessor, the Spirit Pioneer, this model also would become a successful one. Of course, the price point of the watch may hold many people from obtaining one. The availability of a many other good watches in this price range may keep some from seriously looking at this model. At the same time, the limited numbers of the model available and the design aesthetics of the watch are key factors that are likely to help the watch reach potential customers.

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