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Ressence 1003 Watch

Ressence is known for their innovative styling and unique approach to watchmaking. With the 1003 model you can really see the values of Ressence represented in this time piece. Tech lovers and watch collectors alike will adore this watch.

The 1003 doesn’t display time like a traditional watch. In fact, there is nothing traditional about it. In fact the first thing you will probably notice about this watch is that it doesn’t show the hours or the dial. When you look closer though you’ll see the hours engraved in one of the components of the face plate and a matte white dial. The styling is conservative yet enticing. I say tech lovers will appreciate this because it looks very technologically advanced in a simplified way. It also takes some time to get used to the display. The face of the watch is completely flat. The casing is made of sapphire which prevents glare. It’s interesting to point out that when you look at the face you can’t see any depth like on most watches. It truly is completely flat and 2D looking which is a difficult task considering sapphire makes the inner components even more visible.

You’ll also notice that the dial doesn’t move. If you look closer you’ll see that it is actually engraved in the face plate. Ressence instead has created a moving hour on a silver ring. The ring rotates around the engraved dial, accurately displaying the time. There are three rotating inner disks on this watch. Ressence encountered many problems creating this component but eventually mastered it. The crown on the watch is beyond standard. The top can be flipped out which exposes the green color on the inside. There you can set your watches functions. This does impair the water resistant capabilities of the water though but then again, this is a piece of innovative artwork.

The Ressence 1003 is a refreshing watch to see. It’s clean, simple design is sure to add flavor to any watch collection. The turning disks are also sure to strike conversation. A comfortable black, leather strap and relatively thin face make this piece comfortable as well.

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