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Ritmo Mvndo

Ritmo Mundo is a luxury Italian watch company. It was founded in 2002 by Ali Soltani in Milan, Italy. Their watches are now Swiss made but still encompass an Italian spirit. Ritmo Mundo has made quite a reputation for itself in the 10 short years that it has been in business. The company produces watches for both genders in endless styles so everyone is guaranteed to find one they will love.

Ritmo Mundo has been featured in countless magazines such as IW, Chronos, Vogue, Glamour, InStyle and many more. The brand has been applauded for its creative style and affordability. With watches starting at just $300, anyone could afford to treat themselves to an inspiring time piece. Ritmo Mundo has also been the official watchmaker of the Indy Car Series. It has also been the official watchmaker for many movies and television series such as Ocean’s 12 and 133, HBO’s Entourage and Sex and the City, and ABC’s Bachelor.

Ritmo Mundo offers the quality of Swiss craftsmanship combined with Italian design and the flair of a strong Hollywood presence. From sports watches to dress watches Ritmo Mundo is sure to please even the most particular individual. For a creative, stylish and quality wristwatch check out Ritmo Mundo.

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