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Rolex Cellini Cellinium 5240/6

The history of the Rolex brand is inseparably linked with courage and innovative spirit of its founder, Hans Wilsdorf. He appeared in the world of watchmaking in the beginning of the twentieth century,  when all the people preferred a pocket watch. However, Hans Wilsdorf was sure that soon a watch becomes an irreplaceable accessory. Though a watch of that time was not accurate, he hoped that in the future it would become more reliable.  And time showed that Hans Wilsdorf was right. Now Rolex is a leading watch brand and this fact proves a real merit of its founder.

Today Rolex creates quite different watch models, simpler and more difficult, but all of them are dnotable due to their magnificent quality and design. Rolex Cellini Cellinium 5240/6 also possesses these characteristics. This watch is reliable, accurate and stylish timepiece.

The core design of this model is  simple or even serious. However, it does not make the Rolex Cellini Cellinium 5240/6 to look boring. Yes, it looks quite conservative, but it is an advantage instead of shortcoming. The classics never becomes outdated, it remains pertinent in any place and at any time.

The 35 mm case, crown, lugs, case back and fastener of Rolex Cellini Cellinium 5240/6 are made of platinum. The same precious material was used for a dial decor. It is well known fact, that platinum is very expensive metal, for this reason, it is used only in the most exclusive watch and jewelry. Rolex Cellini Cellinium 5240/6 is  an exactly such watch. The dial is made of white nacre. This material perfectly combines with platinum. Hour and minute hands together with hour markers are made of platinum also. The logo of the brand – platinum crown – is placed instead of 12 o’clock marker. The second counter is located at 6 o’clock. This watch comes on a soft black crocodile leather strap.

The high-quality Swiss mechanism with 17 jewels is hidden under the precious case. Because of the Rolex Cellini Cellinium 5240/6 is solved as a classical model, this watch model has gotten manual winding.  This watch will gently surprise even the most skeptical buyers. Today classic models with such a stylish design are a big rarity.

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