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Seiko Prospex Landmaster Alpinist Spring Drive Watch

The highly desirable, Seiko Spacewalk limited edition, was a little too expensive. The Spacewalk is a gorgeous and desirable watch, but for many it’s really pricey. This watch was in fact tested in space. For those who couldn’t afford this limited edition can now be prepared for the new Spring Drive version that it’s practically like a brother to the Spacewalk version. This timepiece has a limited edition that comes in black.

The timepiece is made of titanium because this piece of art is focused for alpinists and they require something that is lightweight. This timepiece is coated with a rock solid black layer that is a material that last very long. Seiko has a Diamond coating called Diashield that is also very hard and resistant to any scratch. This type of coating is made by a bond of carbon energy cooled down very fast and put on its surface right away. This process is almost the same as making synthetic diamonds. This process makes surfaces extremely more durable and more resistant to any damage.

There’s another version that is not black and comes with a bracelet. It weighs 140 grams (the same as the black coated version) and it’s also made of titanium.

It is water resistant up to 100m and its case is 46.8mm.

The Spring Drive’s movement offers an exquisite power reserve that can last up to 72 hours. This movement’s source of energy is the mainspring. The mainspring’s power is mainly transmitted through the gear train and then to the hands and finally to the tri syncro regulator. The tri syncro regulator operates the wheel’s speed and the hands.

The Spring Drive main idea according to its creator, it was created with the idea to flow in a very natural way. It has a circular motion that looks like the movement was gliding one-way circularly.

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