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Universal Geneve

Universal Geneve is a Swiss luxury watch company. It was founded in 1894 and was originally named Universal Watch. The company is one of the few watch brands that has produced its own in-house movements since the beginning. Universal Geneve is a highly regarded company that is ranked among the top luxury wristwatch companies along with Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Audemars Piguet.

Universal Geneve is popular for good reason. Its commitment to craftsmanship, immense style, design, and quality set this company apart from competitors. It also boasts the claim of creating the first chronographic wristwatch in 1917. Universal Geneve, like many other deep rooted brands, began creating pocket watches that quickly gained popularity. By the First World War wristwatches were taking over the market. Universal Geneve modernized their product and began producing fine wristwatches. One of their early successes was patenting their first 24-hour indication wristwatch.

Universal Geneve continues to produce cutting edge design and quality wristwatches for particular individuals. They have partnered with the famous company Hermes and created a special wristwatch to mark the partnership. It is called the Pour Hermes and is highly collectible and sought out by high-fashion lovers and watch enthusiasts alike. Universal Geneve offers watches for all occasions with prices starting in the low-luxury range. For a unique and stylish wristwatch by a highly acclaimed company, don’t hesitate to check out Universal Geneve.

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