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Versace is a popular high-fashion Italian company that produces various luxury goods. The company is most known for its clothing and accessories such as handbags and sunglasses. Versace is a relatively young brand but has managed to gain international fame because of its refreshing styles. It began with founder Gianni Versace in 1972. Versace was 25 years old and moved to Milan to work as a designer. In 1978 his first collection, called Gianni Versace Donna, was his claim to fame. Versace began producing jewelry and wristwatches in the 1990’s.

The wristwatches produced by Versace reflect the style of Versace which is draws heavy Greco influences. All Versace wristwatches are Swiss made and usually feature a reliable quartz movement. Versace is a fashion focused brand that will please fashion admirers and individuals seeking a designer wristwatch. In 1996 Franck Muller partnered with Versace to create a limited edition line of wristwatches. This line was all jeweled and made in Geneva, Switzerland. They are highly collectible and sought out, especially thanks to Muller who is a master horologist. Vertime SA currently produces and distributes all Versace wristwatches and jewelry. The Swiss based company produces watches for many other high-end brands.

Versace wristwatches are made for the man or woman seeking a fashionable, quality wristwatch backed by a well-known designer. Most Versace wristwatches feature a Greco pattern, the signature Versace pattern in fact, and classic styling. Some models offer more of an haute horology look. Pricing starts in the $1,000 range making this line easily attainable.

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