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About Us

Hi, and welcome to 300magazine!

Our publication was born out of a passion for the luxury lifestyle, which started with our parent company, 300watches. Yes, we’ll be covering watch news, but we wanted to expand on that because there are just so many aspects of luxury news that are worth writing about, reading about, and living.

Now, we’ve got a finger on the pulse of luxury trends. That includes the cutting-edge cars and boats; races and sporting events; high-end liquor distilleries; the hottest hotels for lavish getaways; spellbinding antiques; new product launches; and most importantly, the people on the frontier of luxury news.

Based in New York City, we are fortunate enough to be living and working at one of the centers of art, culture, and technology of our time. And we are a company that deals in time. This puts us in a strategic and inspired position to see what’s new, who’s who, and why you need to know. We also have a lot of friends overseas, keeping us posted on what’s happening abroad.

So, whether it’s the latest in watch trends, or featured producers of luxury goods, we hope the pursuit of our interests is enough to hold your interest. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment — we always welcome the feedback. And if one of our articles makes you realize that you may have a lead on another story we should cover, let us know! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our fellow luxury-lifestyle enthusiasts.

So, from all of us at 300magazine, thanks for reading!

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