2013 TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500m Calibre 72 Countdown Chronograph

2013 TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500m Calibre 72 Countdown Chronograph

Among the ceramic 500m chronographs available from Tag Heuer, the countdown chronograph is one of the first ones of its kind. Most people use the term ‘regatta’ to denote the ‘countdown’ function. This is not the first time Tag Heuer is seen incorporating this function in to their watches. You must have seen the watches that feature this feature from the very same luxury watchmaker. But, the use of the function in this model is slightly on a different level. The major departure for the model from its prior versions is in the use of the 5 segment display window that was tried in some other models. The design incorporated in to the watch provide it with a look and feel of the original Aquaracer model that was released three decades back in the year 1982. That was the occasion when Jack Heuer introduced the Heuer 2000 series. Aquastar Regate, originally launched in the 1960s, was the very first watch from Heuer that featured this function. Later in the 1970s, this maker of expensive watches came up with Heuer Regatta. The basic premise of countdown function is based on yacht racing and implies the division of time in to five windows that show a minute each.

The case of this watch is pretty much on the same lines as its predecessor, Aquaracer 300m series. The only significant difference is the thicker case back and bezel associated with the model. The oversized numerals on the bezel do look pretty cool. But, they are not done so for aesthetic purposes. Tag Heuer incorporated them for the functional purposes of the watch. The 43 mm diameter case is appropriate for fitting perfectly on a man’s wrists. Again, the watch maker has taken extra effort to improve the water resistance of the watch and its components. As a result of the work done in this respect, the watch is certified to be water resistant up to a depth of 500 meters of water. This would be equivalent to 1660 feet of water depth. The stainless steel case of the watch is polished to a nice finish and is a pleasure on your eyes. The watch movement that is powering the model is of Swiss make. The automatic caliber movement is self-winding by nature. It also features a stylish ceramic bezel as well as a helium escape valve.

The black shade of color used for the watch adds to its elegance. Equally stunning is the contrast between the horizontal and circular patterns clearly visible on the dial. These patterns on the counters located at 3 O’ clock and 9 O’ clock positions are crafted with precision and aesthetics in mind. Right below the 12 O’ clock position, you will find the date window. Tag Heuer logo is displayed just above 6 O’ clock position. In order to add to the visual appeal of the watch, the watch maker has added some shades of blue on to the dial as well.

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