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300 Watches Magazine

We are very happy to introduce our 300Watches Magazine, which has been created just for you.  It is an online magazine that offers the latest trends, news, and information on the luxury watch world as well as watch related cultural information and gossip. Our readers dictate the direction of the contents and our contributors are watchmakers, watch owners, horologists, and other industry leaders from all over the world.

The main objective of 300Watches Magazine is to offer a virtual meeting point that will serve as a communication and gathering place for all the different luxury watch related areas. We all know this is a segmented industry, as there is little communication between the manufacturers and the authorized dealers and discount watch resellers. Horologists talk mostly among themselves, but we hope to increase segment communication, as each segment will benefit from this real-time information and advice.  The contents of the magazine come from and are determined by the readers, and we welcome the input of watch fans via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin. This is not a selling point, but an open forum for watch enthusiasts.

The number of luxury watch fans keeps growing every day, despite current and difficult economic times, and this trend is not going away.  Just like a great vintage or classic watch, it is here to stay, and we understand that it is important to share our information and knowledge with our readers and vice-versa.

Fine watches have a unique mystique, and we are hoping to enhance it with your cooperation.  We have over ten years of experience as a discount pre-owned watch seller, and that is because we will only work with reputable businesses to be able to keep our own hard earned reputation intact.  We want to offer to our customer outstanding timepieces at an affordable price.  Sadly, this is not a common practice in the industry, but we are hoping to change that with our magazine.

300Watches Luxury Watch Magazine is for watch owners and lovers, and for those who want to share their knowledge and experiences online.

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