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5 Common Fine Art Shipping Nightmares (And How to Avoid Them)

A new painting or two in your private art collection might make you feel like you are on cloud nine. However, the sheer pleasure and excitement that art brings to you come at a price. Fine art shipping is what can make you feel out of place. That is why we want to tell you about five common art shipping nightmares and the proven ways to avoid them.

5 Common Fine Art Shipping Nightmares

5 common fine art shipping nightmares

1. Amateur fine art shippers

There is nothing more distressing than having your art handled and shipped by either inexperienced shippers or crooks. The easiest way to avoid such a situation is to work with dependable fine art shippers with a reliable reputation, extensive experience, and positive client reviews.

2. Overprice

Sometimes, people end up being flabbergasted when they hear the final price for shipping services. Be extremely cautious where you buy art and make sure to inform your shippers about all of the details so that they won’t startle you in the end.

3. Damaged or lost artworks

It is one of the nastiest things that may happen to you during shipping. However, not all is lost. There is probably no way to avoid it, though. To somehow help the situation, do not cut corners when it comes to art insurance. Insurance matters, and it will help you.

4. Major delays

Delays are annoying, and that is why you need to plan your fine art shipping strategy long beforehand. Also, do not hire companies that are operating far from you; it is always better to opt for local professionals.

5. Overconfidence

This might be the crux of all the above-mentioned problems. If you cannot cope with all the arrangements yourself, ask for help. And never, never underestimate the art shipping process!


However menacing your fine art shipping nightmares may seem, the tips and recommendations above will help you not only overcome any shipping difficulties but also avoid them so that they do not bother you in the future.

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