5 Differences Between Good and Great Artists: A Contemporary Take

5 Differences Between Good and Great Artists: A Contemporary Take

Looking at the abundance of artworks nowadays, one thing becomes clear: people are bloody talented creatures. When it comes to comparison, you might wonder why those contemporary sculptors and painters became successful and famous while others–not necessarily less gifted and passionate–did not. The question is as old as the art itself, and there is no definite answer. However, we can try to explain the distinction between good and great artists against the background of the contemporary art industry, where artists, critics, and collectors tend to show their hands and hence make art more understandable.

5 Differences Between Good and Great Artists: A Contemporary Take

1. Great artists can effectively combine passion and skills

Unfortunately, it often happens that some creators are passionate about what they do, but they are still not skillful enough to create high-quality works. And sometimes, it is the other way around. Being enthusiastic and trained most of the time is a powerful thing that takes time to master.

2. Good artists focus on one medium only

Even the most die-hard oil painters tend to experiment with acrylic or watercolor paint. New mediums allow you to look at the process from multiple perspectives and discover the ideas that you will be able to transfer to your main medium later.

3. Great artists know how to promote their art online

Social promotion is one of the most in-demand skills for traditional creators. Nowadays, you may find a lot of buyers, fans, and beginner collectors only via the internet. It is not a healthy thing in the long run, but one needs to have at least basic knowledge on how to share artworks with followers.

4. Good artists are afraid to be misunderstood

It is a common and usually deeply personal feeling that stems from people’s inner world. First and foremost, professionals focus on what is relevant to themselves and the outer world. People’s opinions go after the piece is created, not before it.

5. Great artists combine several fundamental qualities at the same time

Your “fineness” as a painter or sculptor will start growing faster if you combine some of those traits seriously. Success is always a combination of things, so make sure not to build castles in the sky and pay attention to yourself.

The line between good and great artists is so thin that you can hardly predict what can be the deciding factor in someone’s career. Still, the analysis above does shed some light on the requirements demanded by the modern market and industry.