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5 Mistakes Most People Make When Shipping Art

Shipping art is a modern-day trial, especially for those who are going to try their hands at it. In fairness, the imposed difficulty does not always refer to the actual shipping issues but rather common mistakes that people make time after time. To enhance the quality of your fine art shipping experience, we have compiled a list of five mistakes, avoiding which might help you achieve desired success.

5 Mistakes Most People Make When Shipping Art

5 mistakes most people make when shipping art

1. Poor quality supplies

Poor or subpar quality of fine art packaging materials is the number one reason why artworks get damaged or distorted. If you are not competent, or you do not know where to buy a quality packing tape or bubble wrap, better entrust professionals with this work.

2. Failing to calculate the price

People usually screw up calculations without any particular reason. They either overestimate or underestimate shipping services. When you want to ship your pieces of art, the first thing you should do is contact a fine art shipping company and ask them directly about all the costs.

3. Ignoring insurance

Art insurance is almost always an optional measure. Still, it exists for a reason. So if the phrase “there is honor in taking risks” does not work for you, do not hesitate to insure your art package.

4. Being in a rush

No doubt, shipping art is quite a nerve-racking venture that sometimes can make your blood boil. However, you should not overdo it. Do not panic and plan your art transportation at a leisurely pace.

5. Going cheap

Every penny counts, but it still does not explain why people want to ship their artworks for a song. Such a way of shipping art is not effective for many reasons. If you do want to save some money, better check our article on how to ship art without breaking the bank.

Never let these problems or challenges hold you back. Quality shipping starts with you, so do not miss your chance to get valuable experience!

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