5 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Art

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There are many reasons why people buy fine art but have you ever heard of the reasons why people don’t do it? Apparently, there are groups of individuals who are not passionate about artworks; at the same time, many people avoid paintings and sculptures because of prejudices and biases. Let’s look at the five most common reasons why people don’t buy art and try to figure out what type of person you are.

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5 reasons why people don’t buy art

1. Lack of understanding

For the majority of people, art is a forbidden fruit that they try to avoid by any means. The reason is pretty simple and well-known – “I don’t buy what I don’t understand.” At the end of the day, it takes time to change the perception.

2. Money

Money is another deal-breaker when it comes to art. Even though you shouldn’t be a millionaire to buy artworks, the practicality of fine art is subject to debate. That is why some people are reluctant to spend their money on paintings.

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3. Uncertainty

Finding the right painting is not a piece of cake, especially if you don’t have a developed taste. If you are afraid to buy art because you don’t understand your feelings, it is completely normal. As a matter of fact, such people as you eventually purchase artworks.

4. Meaninglessness

Some folks are just anti-art. Either because of personal beliefs or negative experiences, a person doesn’t see buying artworks as something meaningful. It is not theirs.

5. Massive effort

Whether you are looking for paintings, prints, or some antiques and collectibles, you will most probably need fine art services such as shipping, handling, packing, insurance, etc. This fact does alienate many would-be buyers and collectors.

As they say, so many people, so many minds. While art is a blessing for someone, it is also a curse for others. And why do you buy or not buy art?