5 Sure Signs You Are an Extreme Collector

5 Sure Signs You Are an Extreme Collector

The word “collector” is usually associated with the word “passion.” Being enthusiastic and ardent is part of what people call being an art collector. Sometimes, though, people become overzealous and start crossing boundaries of what is healthy and what is not. Every collector, despite the age and experience, should know the danger of being an extreme collector. The first step you should take is to identify signs of a problem. Here they are.

5 Sure Signs You Are an Extreme Collector

Five sure signs you are an extreme collector

1. It is getting really messy

Buying too many artworks that don’t make your personal art collection more valuable is one of the first red flags. When it starts to get messy, you need to review your strategy.

2. You are losing a purpose

The difference between impulsive buying and collecting art is that art collector always has an art collection management. If you feel that you no longer understand why you are doing what you are doing, it’s time to look at yourself from a more objective point of view.

3. It is hard for you to sell your belongings

Art collection always changes. Collectors buy and sell things all the time, so it is fairly important to keep things real.

5 Sure Signs You Are an Extreme Collector

4. There is no longer budget control

Not following investment strategies and other art collecting habits is another popular sign of an extreme collector. If you don’t take care of your finances, the chances are that you will soon go bankrupt.

5. You are getting far too emotional

Every collection is imperfect, but it is normal to receive and handle constructive criticism. In case you become too nervous or angry because of some unsavory comments, you better learn how to keep yourself under control.

Once you find the signs of being an extreme collector, you should accept a problem and start working on yourself. If needed, you should see a specialist. Take care of yourself!