5 Watercolor Painting Tips for Aspiring Artists

watercolor painting

Watercolor is one of the most underrated painting techniques as of today. Also known as aquarelle, it serves either as an initial stage for children who learn how to paint or as a medium for established artists. Much to everyone’s surprise, watercolor painting is hard to master because it does not forgive you any mistakes like oil and acrylic paints do. However, if you want to become a watercolor artist, you can make your learning much more enjoyable and effective with the following tips. Check them out!

watercolor painting

Five watercolor painting tips for aspiring artists

1. Achieve a balanced water-to-paint ratio

A water-to-paint ratio is an integral principle that you should lay down from the very beginning. There is nothing wrong with too much water, as well as too little water. Everything depends on what you want to achieve.

2. Paint from light to dark

White colors might well not show if they are covered up by dark colors. That is why painting from light to dark is a basic watercolor painting tip given to all emerging artists.

3. Don’t limit your palette

Once you have started creating artworks, you should not draw up any limits in painting. It is crucial to master basic color theory, but then let yourself experiment.

watercolor painting

4. Know how to take care of your art supplies

Art supplies, such as paints, watercolor paper, palettes, and containers, require extra care from an aspiring artist. You won’t benefit much from creative chaos.

5. Learn the rule to break it

Watercolor painting tips will help you learn the basic rules, but once you become a full-fledged artist, no one will forbid you to break them. There are lots of rules that should either be changed or broken.

Were those tips helpful? Even though painting with watercolors can be a daunting challenge sometimes, there is a singular beauty peculiar only to this technique. Try to embrace it!