7 Proven Time Management Tips For Novice Artists

novice artists

Most novice artists find it challenging to control their workflow. Do you ever get stuck doing an hour’s job for half a day? Or do you often get lost in the dozens of tasks you set for the day? In this blog post, we want to share 7 quick and powerful tips for time management.

novice artists

7 proven time management tips for novice artists

1. Learn to prioritize your tasks

Every artist should learn to prioritize tasks that serve their long-term goals. It is hard but worth trying if you want to achieve success.

2. Say “no” to multitasking

Multitasking is a bad habit to incorporate into your life. By focusing on writing emails, drawing, and browsing online art stores at once, you may not accomplish anything in the end. Do one single thing at a time and then switch to another.

3. Schedule

Novice artists must schedule. Use your calendar and review it every day before beginning your daily art job.

4. Understand your biorhythms

It is vital to know when you feel your best and inspired to make art. If you need 2 cups of coffee to wake up in the morning, it is better to do the whole stuff in your art studio in the afternoon.

5. Create to-do lists

Write daily to-do lists and check off the tasks you have already completed. Try apps such as Trello or use your diary.

6. Always have reference material on hand

Get it into a habit to put the references into your inbox to save your precious time while creating art.

7. Set reminders and deadlines (and meet them)

Try to give yourself time to complete one task by setting reminders on your phone. It is especially handy for novice artists who should learn how to maintain the work-rest system.

Some time management practices may seem challenging to adopt at first. However, if you do try them, you will be surprised to have much more free time and more tasks fulfilled for the day.