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A Foolproof Way to Ship a Painting

Who said that shipping paintings refers only to artists and art galleries? Knowing how to ship a painting is actually crucial for every person who owns artworks and needs them to be transported securely and safely. Whether you are a dedicated art collector with an extensive collection or just a proud owner of several beautiful art pieces, the following information will be of utmost importance. Let’s try to find a foolproof way to relocate your works of art regardless of the distance.

A Foolproof Way to Ship a Painting

How high are the stakes?

You won’t succeed in shipping a painting if you watch one or two guides on the Internet. Without a doubt, they are handy and helpful; however, that is not where you should seek the answer. When you want to ship a painting or a whole collection of them, the first thing that you should consider is how valuable your art is. If you do not know how to determine the value properly, better use professional art appraisal services.

Why does value matter? It is simple: it indicates how much you will lose in case anything goes not as planned. Here is the main aspect of shipping paintings. If you deal with low-budget art, then you can try running the risks; but if you deal with high-dollar or extremely personal pieces of art, you would better turn to professionals.

The most foolproof way to ship a painting

Packing and shipping art on your own or even with the help of friends and family is not a foolproof way. Instead, you are likely to make a hash of it, which is not what you are looking for. The ultimate answer to this conundrum is hiring specialized fine art shippers who are trained to provide you with the necessary services in the best way possible.

There are lots of benefits of such collaboration: professional competence, reliability, safety, responsibility, and cost-effective rates. Besides, most fine art shipping companies offer white glove moving services, which means that you can ship even the most fragile and delicate items safely. Looking for a foolproof way to ship a painting? Choose professionals!

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