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A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk HANDWERKSKUNST

A. Lange & Söhne’s trademark undoubtedly is the Zeitwerk.  This watch was released only three years ago and has made its mark on the watchmaking world. You’ll notice its haute horology look and timeless display mechanism.  The newest addition to the Zeitwerk collection is the HANDWERKSKUNST.

The HANDWERKSKUNST is a fine German wristwatch. This model is the most traditional of the Zeitwerk series featuring a sold white gold dial with tremblage engraving. This means that the dial is entirely hand-engraved, which is a lengthy process requiring extreme precision. The unique burin and hand engraving creates this vivid, grey granular texture on the face of the watch. The curved “A. Lange & Söhne” logo is cut in relief as well as the power reserve indication. Rhodium plated German silver was used to create the time bridge that lies across the dial. The color scheme of this watch is elegant and masculine. Grey, chrome, a black leather strap and accents of red contrast nicely with the white numerals. The time is incredibly easy to read as well. Lange & Sohne decided to use a complication that displays the time in boxes.  The white numerals are contrasted with a slightly deeper grey then the granite texture. Below the time display is the chronograph. Chrome screws are visible on the face as well adding to the masculinity of this wristwatch.

Overall the HANDWERKSKUNST is a lovely addition to any collection. It is an ideal daily watch. Its classic color scheme adds instant class to any outfit for any occasion. The timeless styling with a modern twist will draw attention.

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