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Adjust – New Watch with Triangles Instead of Numbers

Adjust — is a new unusual model of watch. Detection of what time is it now, with this watch novelty without special skill and almost “secret” knowledge, is just impossible. Adjust model is development of some designer with a nickname Nico NL1, his ideas (not for the first time) happen to be guests of various blog pages regarded to watch design. And now it’s a turn of Tokyoflash to touch the matter.

This designer was inspired by his own gloomy imaginations about the world future when corporations will finally enthrall mankind. To resist the system, insurgents will develop a special geometrical letter complex for the exchange of information, based on triangles. These geometrical figures have been initially used in Adjust concept as a sample of future possible data exchange practice.

The Adjust dial consists of a plate with 32 triangles under which a panel with light-emitting diodes is placed. The special color filter which can be changed, covers the plate. Thereby an owner of watch can experiment with illumination. Actually the watch dial is replaceable. So, when you become fed up with triangles, it would be possible to replace them with circles, squares and other geometry.

No doubt. a great patience will be required to learn how to define exact time with the Adjust watch model. Yet the stylish design and the very idea of this new watch compensate all its inconveniences.

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