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Alain Silberstein

Alain Silberstein watches brings rare and unique to mind. This man from Paris has quietly founded his own watch niche in a relatively short time. Though the fact is not well known Alain Silberstein releases 2,500+ time pieces a year. And his designs are for men and women, they feature bold colors – and are considered to be high priced do to their uniqueness.

Current Alain collections feature Alligator, Bolido, Karavan, Klassik (his first in 1987), Pavé, Petites Montres, Rondo and Tourbillon d´art. (This features a power reserve, skeleton-type sphere so you can see the inner works and is a limited edition of only 20.)

Silberstein watches are good for everyday wear. Materials range from stainless steel watches, automatic watches, chronograph watches, quartz watches, and more. Alain Silberstein watches are technologically advance and, well – trendy and hip.

The Alain Silberstein brand has been on the market for 10+ years – which qualifies him as a new and up comer in the watch industry. He is a successful up and comer without a doubt. To say he and his watch designs have been accepted is a huge understatement.

Since Alain Silberstein designs his own watches and runs his own watch company, he is again unique. He truly does nothing ordinary or mainstream.

Alain Silberstein is a part of the masters group of luxury watches MB&F (Maximiliam Busser and Friends). Other members include Maximiliam Busser and Sage Vaughn. Do the names sound familiar? These master watchmakers are well known and continue to collaborate on new watch designs.

To summarize, if you are looking for a watch statement that says different, quality and non-mainstream, Alain Silberstein and his watches may be what you are looking for.

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