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Alessi Grow Watch

Creative designer Andrea Morgante has come up with the ‘Alessi Grow Watch’ and has crafted it in a variety of unique shades. He is working for Shiro Studio, which is a London based designing firm. The basic concept of the watch is based on the term ‘growing’ and the various facets associated with the act of growing. This is something that can be easily understood by even an average Joe who can be living at any part of the country. In order to give the watch surface a shape similar to the muscle fibers (that play an important part in growth in animals) that are below our skin, the designer has created a rippled texture on the watch. The growth process is looked at by this artist in its entirety than as each process that helps to accomplish the completion of the growth process. The watch design is depicting the entire aspects that are part of growth as a single process rather than looking at them separately.

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