What would be Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite watch?

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Alfred Hitchcock is one of the masters of modern cinema. He was an integral part of the movie making business from the middle of 1920s to almost his death in the year 1980. Horror films directed by Hitchcock are still continuing to scare movie goers. If you look at the best 100 or best 1000 movie lists of the 20th century compiled by any reputed historians or movie critics, Hitchcock’s movies would find a prominent place in them. In fawatch reviews - romain jerome ct, some of these lists have his movies occupying the largest number of movies by any single director. Psycho is just one of these movies that truly show the craftsmanship of the ace director.

If Alfred Hitchcock is still around, what would be his favorite watch? As he made a fortune from the movie industry, he was a very rich man. So, he can afford to purchase any one of the best luxury watches available in the market. But, he is a man of unique taste. Even when he was a filmmaker who enjoyed the darker side of the human beings, he was a family man who spent his evenings with his wife and daughter. He was never seen partying or socializing outside the film shoots. At the same time, he fancied all the heroines who he acted in his movies. So, his wrist watch can have shades of darkness.

One of the first movies that Hitchcock planned to direct after moving to Hollywood was about the Titanic. Unfortunately, that movie did not materialize. The reason for this was the inability to procure a boat or ship that can be sunk in a realistic manner. Hitchcock had a definite liking for the ill-fated ship. So, what would Alfredo’s Hitchcock’s favorite watch be?  He may love the Men’s Romain Jerome Titanic-DNA Steampunk RJ.T.Ch.Sp.003.01 Gold & PVD Watch. Actual material from the sunken ship is used in the construction of this watch. The watch is available from the discount watch store 300Watches at http://300watches.com/catalog/romain-jerome/titanic-dna-steampunk.html. It is priced at a very reasonable $18,800 only, while it retails for over $32,000.

Another unique piece that can attract Hitchcock is the Patek Philippe Ball 18k Yellow Gold Blue Enamel 39.727 Movement Watch. It has a wickedness typically associated with his movies. At the same time, this ball watch has a sexiness seen in the blonde heroines essential in Hitchcock’s movies. The watch is available for purchase at http://300watches.com/catalog/patek-philippe/ball-watch.html and has a long history of 142 years. It is a real antique watch that can definitely generate curiosity in Hitchcock.