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Antique Jewelry: Your New Fashion Statement

There is some sort of unspoken romanticism with antique jewelry. As humans, we have lived through thousands of years, each decade and century adding another fascinating chapter to the history books. This evolution of designs and materials has led us to the appearance of what we consider fine jewelry today. For a design to be considered a part of the antique jewelry niche, it must be minimum 100 years old. The rest of the details should be left to the experts, with their ability to notice the things that might go unnoticed by most. First let’s look into historical eras and the types of pieces popular during those times.

Antique jewelry: Your New Fashion Statement

Popular collections make an appearance around the Victorian ages, where precious broaches and cameos sparkled with large gems surrounded by yellow gold and pearls. Expanding to new horizons, the Edwardian period showed a shift from yellow gold to platinum. What a classy era with many rings displaying serious bling formed into unique shapes and designs! In this period, you can find mostly diamonds dripping from dainty drop necklaces and onyx creating a beautiful contrast. The Art Deco style popular during the early 1900s is the most current period to be considered antique. These pieces of fine jewelry are absolutely stunning, with class and style fused together to create artistic and visually pleasing pieces. Popular designs during this period used geometric shapes and colorful gems.

To find authentic antique jewelry, you should first consider attending some antique shows, where designs from many different collections from around the world are presented. Here, you have no need to worry about the legitimacy as all pieces are guaranteed and certified antiques. Another option is to explore antique jewelry in vintage shops but do be sure to select a trustworthy merchant; some antique works come with a hefty price tag, and you wouldn’t want to fall victim to duplicate or imitation jewelry. If you have a rich family history, perhaps you could find a classic collection of your own left behind from relatives as the years have gone by.

Antique and classic jewelry is trending now, making an appearance on Hollywood’s rich and famous at all the hottest events including the Oscars lineup of spotted luxury pieces. For this reason, sales all over the world have exploded with people attempting to get their hands on antique and vintage jewelry. If you’re lucky enough to own such a jewel, the chances are that you’re wearing a piece of history from a time long ago, which was once worn by royalty or elite during their reign.

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