Antique Wild – Locate the Most Exotic, Antique Merchandise From All Over the Planet

Antique Wild

As a collector of unique luxury exotic items from around the globe, you must be looking for ways to locate interesting items from any available location. If so, you have a great opportunity beckoning you at your door steps. You can have this opportunity in the biggest party location in the US, Miami. Again, you can check these items out all across the US at various locations. Soon, you will get to see, check out and purchase the most unique merchandise from all over the globe. A large number of antique dealers are about to arrive at these shows.

Antique Wild is your ticket to this ultimate luxury experience. Again, hey have a special session for the very first two days exclusively reserved for the big time dealers and VIP buyers only. This would be a great opportunity for you to get some privacy and check out these ultra-luxury items out and purchase whatever is irresistible for you. During this initial couple of days, the show is closed for the public. Only the dealers and VIP buyers can access the facility. This is your big chance to check out everything these dealers and collectors have in their possession. Once you get hooked, you are highly likely to get rid of a few hundreds of thousands of dollars and purchase what is awaiting you at Antique Wild.


What is the total value of the stuff that is on display at Antique Wild? According to the organizers, over one billion dollar worth of stuff will be awaiting you at the show, under a single roof!

Antique Wild is definitely going to be a passionate event with a large number of deal making activities. Most people at the event would be experts with thorough knowledge on the luxury items on display here. If you want to participate at the show, you must be familiar with the product, know who is going to bid against you on the items that you have your eye on and be ready to bargain without any inhibitions. The dealers as well as the collectors are going to be ruthless in nature and approach the show without any problem in engaging in tough negotiations.

You must go to Antique Wild with some of your close friends who can help you in identifying the authenticity of the hundred thousand dollar watches, antique erotic penises made of ivory (gift for your girlfriend for the next Valentines Day), paintings by the likes of Rembrandt or Picasso, antique luxury cars from the 1930s, antique watches from the 50s etc. and help you to get the best deals.

You can participate in the Antique Wild show with confidence on the top class security provided at the location. From the 3rd day of the show onwards, the public are allowed to participate.

If you can’t find the extremely luxurious item that you are looking for at the Antique Wild show, the chances of you finding them anywhere else on the planet is next to nonexistent.

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