Is Apple iWatch About to Arrive on the Scene?


Apple’s iWatch has the potential to revolutionize the watch industry

Rumors about the creation of an Apple iWatch have been in the air for some time now. Even though Apple never confirmed or denied the existence of the project, rumor mills have been chattering about the developments in this direction for a while now. Recently, Apple has filed for a patent on a technology that uses hand gestures and taps on the device to accomplish the desired goals. The technology is able to gain the desired results even when the screen is off. This touch screen technology is definitely suited for a wrist based gadget that has size restrictions and the associated reduced battery life.

The said patent was granted to Apple in March 2013 and has the potential to revolutionize the watches and the other smaller gadgets that are about to arrive on the scene. This technology helps you to manipulate the gadget without you even looking at it or turning its display on. Again, it is not necessary to turn on any button to engage in this technology. In case the device has buttons, the user can use either the button or the gestures to accomplish the desired results. In fact, a combination of both of these technologies can help the user to accomplish his or her goals.

What will Apple’s iWatch have?

What are the potential uses of this technology in your cherished Apple iWatch? As it is definitely going to have a music player in it, you can control it without even looking at your watch. While you are playing music, you could use the appropriate hand gesture and skip to the next song, fast forward the song, pause the song or stop the music player altogether. The fact that the display is not turning on with the gestures helps the gadget to save its battery life significantly. This is a very important consideration in a small gadget like an iWatch where space constraints can reduce the life of the battery.


Apple’s iWatch might look like a wrist version of the iPod Nano

What are the types of gestures that Apple is trying to patent? Single, double or triple taps on the screen are the most common gestures. Again, you can scroll your fingers around the screen in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and gain the associated results. Holding your finger along with any of these gestures can result in some other results. These are just the initial options that are available at Apple’s patent now. Soon, they are highly likely to come up with something more and improve the efficacy of the technology and the devices that use it to new levels.

Does the watch accept all touches, accidental ones on body and other surfaces around, as commands? As the iWatch has a capacitive screen, the circuit needs to be completed. Hence, the touch of your clothes or any non-conducting surface is not going to result in the watch activating the associated commands.

What would the Apple iWatch look like? You can definitely expect it to look a lot like the iPod Nano. In fact, some people have already converted their Nanos in to watches with the help of straps available in the market.

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