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Arezou Ramezani’s Symbolic Video Art “Aberration of Inner Child”

Art makes it possible to travel in time. It is not only about realism and history painting but also about other creative ways of refreshing distant memories. Take, for example, one-of-a-kind video art by the talented animator and painter Arezou Ramezani. The artist has recently presented her new glitch art piece “Aberration of Inner Child” at “Glitch Art: Pixel Language,” an ongoing exhibition at Bavan Gallery in Tehran.

Arezou Ramezani’s Symbolic Video Art “Aberration of Inner Child”

Arezou Ramezani’s symbolic video art “Aberration of Inner Child”

At first glance, “Aberration of Inner Child” may look somewhat disquieting and offbeat. With further exploration, though, you start to realize the underlying idea of the artwork. This piece evokes memories that are deeply hidden inside the viewer and leaves its mark on their heart. So what is it all about?

“Aberration of Inner Child” is all about us, people, and our eternal struggles of keeping sane and conscious in the world of noise and distraction. Arezou Ramezani’s old doll is shown in this video art piece for a reason. It is the symbol of nostalgic childhood, the time when people are still free from the buzz of everyday life. Thus, through her art, the artist says that it is time for all of us to go back and revive what was once lost — our core values. Only by getting back in touch with our inner child, we can get the most out of our lives. With such a strong message, it is no wonder that “Aberration of Inner Child” was welcomed by the audience with great enthusiasm.

Arezou Ramezani is a professional visual artist and animator who graduated from Tehran University of Art with a BA in Visual Communication and an MA in Animation, and later from Arts University Bournemouth in the UK with an MA in Animation Production. Ramezani is widely known for her animation work, but she also has a stunning collection of ink paintings and sculptures, many of which are in private collections worldwide. “Aberration of Inner Child” is another stage in the artist’s prolific career, as Arezou Ramezani has managed to combine glitch video art with 2D animation to create a truly meaningful piece of art. Hopefully, we will soon see more interesting and symbolic artworks by this amazing artist.

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