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At the Edge: Thea Schrack’s Magnificent Art at Bryant Street Gallery

What happens when beautiful paintings and photographs linked by one theme are exhibited together? The answer is simple: pure magic. When you are looking at Thea Schrack’s works, you suddenly end up feeling a strong bond with what you see. The visual artist creates truly magnificent art, the product of various media and ingenious experiments. If you are in Palo Alto, CA, you have a chance to experience it personally because Bryant Street Gallery is now hosting “At the Edge,” a new art exhibition of Thea Schrack.

Thea Schrack’s Magnificent Art

“Crash 1,” acrylic on raw canvas

At the Edge: Thea Schrack’s magnificent art at Bryant Street Gallery

Thea Schrack is a talented San Francisco-based artist who works hard in photography and painting, often combining these two forms of art into one. The artist is mostly known for her representational art, but her recent works created during the coronavirus lockdown are something different. With this new collection of magnificent art, which features artworks in different media, Schrack steps away from discernibility and enters the realm of dynamic abstraction.

Thea Schrack’s Magnificent Art

“Everland 2,” photo print

“At the Edge” is an artistic experiment and an attempt to break fresh ground and build a bridge between painting and fine art photography. As you might have already guessed, this attempt has turned out to be fairly successful. The main focus of the exhibit is on the ocean, water, and interaction with intrinsic nature. The intense use of colors and the artist’s singular technique make her new pieces look uniquely vibrant, dazzling, and aesthetic.

Thea Schrack’s Magnificent Art

“Destination Unknown,” photo encaustic

Thea Schrack says, “At the Edge is an amalgamation of time and place.” By showcasing acrylic paintings, photographs, and encaustic pieces all together, she gives the art exhibition a special vibe that you can feel and experience only when you see how all the media cooperate with each other. There is much more to say about Schrack’s magnificent art, but you have to look at it with your own eyes. “At the Edge” is on view at Bryant Street Gallery in Palo Alto through July 15, 2021. Don’t miss it!

Photo courtesy of Bryant Street Gallery
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