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Audemars Piguet Millenary 4101

Audemars Piguet’s watches are normally very luxurious with a small touch of a classic look that we all love. This model, the Millenary 4101, is no exception to AP’s traditional taste. This watch´s design matured in the mind of the AP´s team before creating the real deal. This timepiece is privileged with an oval caliber produced in the factory located at Le Brassus. This manufacture is popular thanks to the quality control and processes that every timepiece has to go through before launching it to the market. The designer of this fabulous timepiece has bet a little bit in its functional and structural aspect when speaking about its movement.

The watch features an oval case that is normally a feature of the Millenary collection. Other features that are normally found in this luxurious collection are the very impressive dial that is not centered and its Roman numerals that look impressive as usual.

Its design is simply incredible because it has a three dimensional look that is simply marvelous. Its case can come in pink gold or steel.

This watch´s movement is very unconventional. The owner of this watch is capable of observing its interesting oval movement. This sophisticated movement is not thanks to its aesthetics, but thanks to its complex presence that is equally attributed in the inside and outside of the watch.

The movement’s heart is the VIB (variable inertia balance) that is privileged with an amount of eight blocks of inertia that makes possible its long stability. The amazing 28,000 VPH and 4Hz frequency improves a great deal its precision and regulates its sensitivity.

The Millenary 4101 timepiece has an outstanding power reserve of 60 hours.

We can conclude that this timepiece is definitely a piece of art. The fact that this is fully decorated and assembled by hand makes it even more special.

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