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Autodromo Monoposto

Autodromo is a luxury watch company that specializes in creating wristwatches for motoring. What sets them apart from competitors is their minimalistic style combined with mid-century vintage charm. Collectors and watch enthusiasts alike have been delighted by the collections. Their newest addition, the Monoposto wristwatch, is their first ever mechanical wristwatch.

The Monoposto is a charming mechanical wristwatch. It has a classic style that is easily compatible with all outfits and occasions even though it is a motor wristwatch. The inspiration behind the Monoposto is 1950’s Italian grand prix vehicles. Upon first seeing this watch you’ll notice in clean and classic dial. It isn’t cluttered nor is it adorned with embellishments. It is very minimalistic, which stays true to the brand’s values. The simple round dial has a white color with black medium sized numerals marking the hours and motorsport inspired minute markers. Consumers can choose between the standard white and black color scheme or a black and white option, with black being the dial color and white markers the hours and minutes. This is an incredible easy to read wristwatch that simply does what watches are made for: tell the time. It does have a small date window above the 6 o’clock hour. The back of the watch features an exposed case showing the delightful mechanical movement.

The movement inside the Monoposto is an automatic mechanical movement. Specifically it is the Japanese Miyota 821A. A classic leather strap compliments the style of this wristwatch. This is a wonderful piece that practically anyone could appreciate. Autodromo has released the Monoposto in extremely limited quantities. There are only 500 models available.

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