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Ball for BMW Watches

Hess has manufactured Ball watches for many years. He also knows this industry perfectly. We all know that Ball is brand coming from Switzerland, but its background is fully American. This BMW collection is quite wide, even though there are four models you can choose from, each one of those come in tons of different versions.

This BMW model more or less has 11mm of thickness, but overall it is quite slim. Its case is a classic 40mm. The design is very traditional and has a lot of fresh taste.

Its case sides are curved and are very alluring, plus the bracelet made of steel is definitely a must have. This watch is quite thin and very cozy.

You can appreciate the BMW logo on it, and if you are a die-hard BMW fan you’ll definitely see the fashion cues of BMW.

The designer was very picky while designing this watch. He absolutely found the perfect formula to mix the style and comfort that he was looking for. It took a little bit more than two years to finish the product, but it was definitely worth the wait. Just because it has the BMW logo; it makes this Ball watch look fabulous.

Other models are a tad bigger and larger than the classic 40mm. Most models have cases made of steel, but in rare cases you can find black DLC cases. This type of DLC cases has a stylish sports look, while the steel ones are more classy and elegant.

In the inside of this beautiful and stylish watches, there’s several features that you should consider useful like the the amortizer. This amortizer absorbs bumps and shocks smoothly.

There’s also a very important elevated level of design that suits any man that wears it.

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