Baume & Mercier Clifton 1830

Baume & Mercier Clifton 1830

Baume & Mercier introduced the Clifton Collection at the just concluded SIHH, and amazed many watch lovers who tried it out. You must have noticed the press releases issued by the watchmaker very well before the launch.

This watchmaker based this latest collection of watches on the vintage designs from the mid part of the last century. They were noted for the long lugs, stylish cases, beveled edges, applied numerals, domed sapphire crystal, hour markers etc.

The Clifton collection is basically a relook at some of the creations from the same watchmaker from a different era. According to Alexandre Peraldi, the design director of Baume and Mercier, the firm relied on the feedback gained from their retailers as well as watchmakers to come up with the collection.

Many similar attempts at recreating watches from a different time fell flat due to a variety of reasons. In some cases, the new version might have the look and feel of a really old watch from a different time. In some other cases, the watch may have too many modern elements in it to ruin its vintage look and feel.

The photos of the collection from the press releases were pretty good. If you liked them, you would definitely love to see it in flesh. The watchmaker succeeded in creating what they ventured out to accomplish. Out of the watches in the collection, the Clifton M0A10060 is definitely the best one of them all.

In all, the luxury watchmaker came up with three different collections under Clifton and has nine different variations under it. Here, we are checking out the best one of them all, the Clifton M0A10060, which is also referred to as the Clifton 1830.

Baume & Mercier succeeded in giving the watch the look and feel of the 1950s. Unlike the typical case sizes seen in those times (typically 34 mm or 35 mm), the newer version is rather big at 42 mm. The smaller sized watches of those times always looked perfect on our grandparents; but not on our wrists. This could be due to the overall increase in human physical size in the recent times. Or, was it due to the trend of those times where smaller watches were considered hip on even bigger and macho wrists?

At 42 mm diameter and 8.85 mm thickness, the watch sits comfortably on your wrists. It does not have the look and feel of an oversized wrist watch or a sports watch. The beveled and long bended lugs as well as the domed sapphire crystal helps the ergonomic fit of the watch on the wearer’s wrists.

Baume & Mercier released the Clifton M0A10060 in only one color and shape. The domed dial has opaline silver color. When you look at it in an angle, and especially under certain types of lights, you may mistake it for a shade of cream.

The watch has a power reserve of 90 hours and has a Caliber 7381 mechanical movement running its operations. The watch is priced at 12,000 Swiss francs.

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