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Beautiful and Mesmerizing Art by Gene Kiegel

The devastating effect of a human on the ecology and ecosystem of the planet becomes even more evident and palpable with each passing year. Such a global issue cannot be ignored, and many people continue to contribute to the prevention of the impending catastrophe. Artists are no exception. Gene Kiegel, an exceptionally talented artist from New York, dedicates his mesmerizing art to exploring the nature of the Anthropocene, a geological epoch when human activity started to affect our planet’s climate and ecosystems. What’s his role in it, and why is it important?

Beautiful and Mesmerizing Art by Gene Kiegel

Beautiful and mesmerizing art by Gene Kiegel

Gene Kiegel (b. 1974, Odessa, Ukraine) is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist whose experimental art is an idiosyncratic blend of unique materials and undoubted skill. He earned his degree in Architecture and Environmental Design from the University of California, Berkley. Gene Kiegel’s art is mostly encouraged by the artist’s insatiable desire to explore the theme of the Anthropocene in either post- or pre-human existence.

Beautiful and Mesmerizing Art by Gene Kiegel

The visual language of Gene Kiegel is highly rich and expressive. At first glance, his works may seem foreign to your eye, but when you start exploring them, you understand that this mesmerizing art is part of you, and vice versa. Such a subtle effect is achieved by the use of biological and geological formations that Gene Kiegel masterfully combines with beeswax. Though the intentions of the artist are clear, the interpretation of his sculptural works is left to the viewer. It’s for you to decide what you see: synthetic flora, organic architecture, or the sounds of the sun.

Artworks by Gene Kiegel have been featured at many contemporary art galleries, exhibitions, and fairs worldwide. They can be acquired internationally on Artsy via Cardi Gallery (Milan, London). We highly recommend getting acquainted with this prominent contemporary artist and his purely mesmerizing art!

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