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The Bovet watch brand is a family brand that tells us the story of Edouard Bovet.  Edouard was born in 1797, and was the son of Jean Frédéric Fleurier, a Swiss watchmaker.

Edouard traveled to London, where he gained experience in the manufacturing of luxury watches.  He was later sent to Canton by a British firm named Magniac, and there he realized he was able to sell gold plated men’s watches. The business in China was so good that Edouard’s family moved their production back to Fleurier, Switzerland. Edouard returned to Switzerland and to his family in 1830 and built a house now known as the Chinese Palace, and home of the Bovet watches.

After Edouard Bovet dies at the young age of fifty two, the brand continued to work hard on its timepieces. It even won a gold medal in the luxury watch category, at the International Exhibition of Paris, with a gold plated watch created for the emperor of China.

Bovet’s nephew becomes the new president of the company and he then sub hires Charles-Ernest Bodillier, Jules Samuel Jequier and, later on, Ami Leuba.  In 1901, Leuba’s brothers purchased the firm.

After a few years, Leuba’s heirs sold Breguet in 1918, and it was officially closed in 1922. Fast forward over seventy years later to 1997, and Bovet Fleurier Watches SA opened its doors and established in Fleurier.  It also has a branch in Geneva.

The brand has created a watch that combines elements usually found in pocket watches, lugs for instance, and has won several awards since they started producing watches in 1997. The brand’s first collection called Fleurier was very successful. Later they create a second collection called the Sportster.  Bovet watches are special because of the company’s tradition of employing women artisans, something very rare for the traditional watch making companies in Europe, and also for their superb enameling found in models like the Fleurier Miniature Painting models, their self-winding Tourbillon, and their engraving.

The watches produced by Bovet are always on at the pinnacle of fashion, and they will make you look elegant and classy wherever you go.

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