Breguet Tradition Fusée Tourbillon

Breguet Tradition Fusée Tourbillon

Let us check out an amazing creation from the house of Breguet, the Fusée Tourbillon. This unique watch with reference number 7047BR is part of their Tradition collection. The watch movement that is powering the device is a very good one and is backed by its glorious design and the finesse of making. The design aesthetics ensures that you can definitely enjoy the amazing watch movement in action.

The watch has its case made out of pink gold and has a diameter of 41 mm. This size is right to be won on your wrists. The tourbillon with a couple of mainsprings needs manual winding. High quality titanium is used for the creation of the bridge for the mainsprings as well as the tourbillon. Paying homage to the design aesthetics seen in some vintage watches using acrylic crystals, the Fusée features a huge domed sapphire crystal to cover the case surface.

The Breguet Tradition Fusée Tourbillon gets its looks from its huge sized wheel. But,it certainly turns heads with its namesake, the Fusée. What exactly is a Fusée? It has two parts; a big conical gear and a mainspring barrel connected through a chain. This Fusée is responsible for providing power to the watch on a regular basis. The chain between the barrel and the gear helps it in managing the torque and thus ensuring the accuracy of time. Another interesting aspect of the watch is the visibility of the Fusée seen clearly towards the right side of the black dial.

The watch has a black color dial at 7 O’ clock position and is coated with 18 carrot gold applied with a black shade. How good is the legibility of the small dial in black? You can very clearly read the time. The nice contrast in colors, created between the steel hands and the black color dial, makes this in to a reality in an aesthetic manner.

There is a lot more to the watch movement than what we have discussed already. You must be impressed with the elements like the bridge, the tourbillon, the titanium cage, the Fusée etc. that are incorporated well in to the design. But, the watch maker has much more in store for you. They have used a silicone balance spring working at the rate of 2.5 Hertz as well as a straight line lever escapement system in to it. All these complications are incorporated very well in to the watch design and the watch movement is named a Caliber 569. The watch is able to run continuously for 50 hours at a stretch and its power reserve can be gauged from the watch barrel.

Breguet has attempted to merge all these faculties in to the watch design in an aesthetic manner and succeeded in converting the Tradition Fusée Tourbillon in to a piece of artsy time keeping device with the ability to do its job very well. The price of the watch is $ 175,600. You can learn more about the watch at the official website of the watch maker.

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