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Breitling C49350 Cockpit Galactic 41 Watch

Elegance, accuracy and charm characterize any watch model from Breitling. These features are recognized in all their watch collections without an exception. Watch models from this brand, perhaps, are the most popular watches in the world. Why they are so popular? The answer comes from the unique design, longevity and tremendous accuracy. Breitling watch will be perfectly gotten by people who may appreciate the true luxury.

The Breitling company was established in 1884. It always specialized on creation of mechanical chronographs, thus it had a key role in development of wrist chronographs and was the leader of this field. Breitling is also the brand that equips all its models with the certified movements. It is unconditional  argument of accuracy. Also Breitling is one of the few companies that make their own movements for chronographs, developed on a manufactory from the beginning to the end of production process. At last, this company is a family business and is one of the last independent brands in the world of Swiss watch makers. For this reason Breitling does not tend to please everybody, this brand specialization is exclusivity of watch models.

Breitling Cockpit Galactic 41 C49350 is a perfect embodiment of the best traditions of the Breitling company. The stainless steel lugs, case bracelet that has some gold elements, look serious, but attractively. A bezel and crown are made of 18K rose gold. The gold bezel is inlaid with 41 diamonds – this adds even more luxury to the watch impression.

The hour and minute hands are also made of 8K rose gold. The Roman hour indexes are placed at 6, 9 and 12 o’clock and are executed of the same precious material. The dial of Cockpit Galactic 41 C49350 is quite amazing. Talented masters of the Breitling brand decided to create it in the form of old-fashioned tapestry. This dial is a nice background for luminescent precious hands. Date window is allocated on the dial and looks quite naturally. It is also placed in the gold frame.

So, Cockpit Galactic 41 C49350 is one more watch masterpiece from the Breitling company. And it may be one more purchase for you at our site, cause we offer this watch luxury at one of the lowermost price levels that can only be possible.

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